When did you stop believing?

The message is everywhere. On billboards, in the papers, on our smartphones, over the radio, on the television, in books. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it too. We see other people doing it, every day. Authors, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs, inventors, sportsmen and women. All over the world, people are attaining goals, overcoming obstacles, thinking creatively, reinventing themselves where necessary, and making their dreams come true.

Almost anything is possible – we all know this intuitively – but in practice it seems so hard achieving much of what we want to do or be.

There has to be a key, I think, to unlock this door, but discovering or deciding on what that key might be seems quite a conundrum in itself. I do love a conundrum!

A possible solution was given to me the other day when I was finishing work and putting my laptop away. My 7-year-old daughter was asking questions and making interesting statements, as she often does, in the next room and I heard her say:

“He stopped believing; that was the problem. When you stop believing, then good things just disappear. And no-one else can help you, can they, because belief comes from the inside?”

Maybe she’s right. True belief in something, whether it be a cause, a friendship, a relationship, an enterprise (you name it) can make all the difference; even have a bearing on the very existence of that thing. People can become great when you believe in them. Enterprises can thrive, love can blossom, bonds can strengthen, bridges can be built, dreams can be realised, and magic can happen… if you only believe. Belief can even affect our very survival, since it has been shown that those of us blessed with great willpower and tenacity make the best survivors, both in extreme environments and under great mental pressure.

I’ve often heard people say that they couldn’t attempt or didn’t carry on with something because they didn’t trust the situation, someone else, or even themselves. They didn’t dare because they didn’t know how things would turn out and they felt afraid that they would turn out wrong. This is all very well, but sometimes we have to take a leap of faith. Trust comes later on. Much later on, sometimes. But nothing will happen without belief.

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Thoughtful, pragmatic, intuitive and creative, Melandra Smith is a British English localisation expert and CIM-trained digital marketer with a wealth of experience in the translations industry. She is also a talented artist, author and singer songwriter.

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