Keyword research

Why do keyword research?

Keyword research – designing and optimising your website and its content is probably the single most important marketing project that you will undertake on behalf of your business. And ranking well in Google search results is crucial to the visibility of your organisation and what you have to offer.

Most marketers know that the key to website success is relevance and providing a quality customer experience, yet so many businesses still get it wrong. Boring photography, badly-written, irrelevant content, and little or no keyword research.

Think of your potential customer’s visit to your website in terms of a journey. If they’ve clicked on a link, will they land on a page closely matched to what they were looking for? If they’re searching on Google (for marketing agency near me) for example, will they be able to find you easily? And what about your content? Have you given them all the information that they need in order to make the decision to get in touch and find out more? Is your website structured intuitively? And does your website content work to establish trust?

What next for keyword research?

Don’t forget to think about the future of search, which is gradually moving to voice! Future website optimisation will focus on being natural, conversational and relevant. Long-tail keywords and queries will be ever more important and you might want to think about offering a page of FAQs to make the most of the increasing emphasis on voice search.

Website optimisation is crucial to staying visible online. Melandra Smith has worked with top companies (most recently Gillette), doing keyword research to discover new short and long-tail keywords and phrases and optimise website content, articles and blogs for SEO purposes. If you want to have a chat by email about what Melandra and the team at MyWord can do to help you, feel free to get in touch with us HERE.