British English localisation

Breaking into UK markets?

In the UK, we love buying from overseas. But we definitely tail behind most of the world when it comes to speaking other people’s languages! This means that localising into British English is a big part of marketing for many companies in Europe and further abroad. British English localisation services sit right at the heart of what we do at MyWord. And we’ve been making clients happy for nearly 10 years.

Regularly produce English documentation?

Some of our clients produce a lot of English content. All the time. Press releases, instruction manuals, Facebook ads, brochures, blogs… Trouble is, they don’t have access to native English writers and worry about sounding ‘unprofessional’ in print! This isn’t a problem – we’re used to working with non-native speakers. We liaise with you to get your terminology just right and to achieve natural, professional output, every time.

What about quality?

We apply simple rules for quality results. Our team of localisation experts has been built with thought and care. They work using the Oxford Manual of Style. They ask questions whenever they need clarification. Where high volumes of work are required, we use translation memory tools. And we’re meticulous and proud of it.

Want to keep costs down?

We charge by word count, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re spending on localisation services. To make things even more transparent, invoices clearly show the name of every file and how many words it contains. This makes it so much easier to calculate the cost of upcoming projects before you place them with us.

Tell us about your project…

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