The importance of having any material that you are going to publish proofreading professionally cannot be underestimated. Using our proofreading services to check through your website or marketing material before you put it in the public domain isn’t an expensive exercise and we won’t take very long. The quality of your written communications, whether they be a simple promotional flyer or your company website, reflects directly on the level of professionalism and expertise that your prospective clients will be expecting you to provide.

Melandra Smith, founder of MyWord, is a time-served British English proofreader who has worked for some of the biggest organisations on the planet. She has adapted American English content for the British market for Google, Netflix, Apple, Hilton Hotels and Adobe, to name but a few.

We work regularly for a number of global translations and localisation giants, again adapting technical content and marketing material written in American English for a British English audience.

MyWord also provides a rewriting service for source text that has been translated into English by a non-native translator, and needs tidying up before going to print. This is much harder and often requires some liaison with the client to clarify meaning. But we love talking to our customers and getting things just right! So, drop us an email today to tell us about your proofreading project…

We take pride in going above and beyond the call of duty if we think that something is missing from your copy, or that you’re going the wrong way about addressing a target market, we’ll always offer our advice. For instance, we recently saved face for a famous German clothing manufacturer who were advertising their clothing as good for ‘hiding lumps and bumps’!

Some of the agencies that Melandra works for:

  • Lionbridge
  • Transperfect
  • Acclaro
  • SDI Media
  • Freelanguage Translation & Linguistic Services
  • Track GmbH
  • TranslateMedia
  • thebigword
  • Global Lingo
  • Welocalize